Monthly Archives: April 2014

Nike does it again

Nike soccer did it again.  They make the best commercials. This one engulfing the Brazilian National Team and all their passionate fans that follow their team, relentlessly.  Check out the video here:  

The video does a great job showing how much Brazilians love the game of “futbol” and how easy it is to create a small game anywhere.  Clearly, some of it was exaggerated, but you get the picture; you can make a goal anywhere and start kicking around with new friends.  Understandable why the game is so popular across the world.  Nike just does a great job researching and including important pieces of culture and facts in all their pieces.

Also, recently released was Nike’s Risk Everything Commercial.  The main advertisement for Nike’s new boots for the World Cup will run through July.  Again, showing the wealth of Nike and their players who have signed on with them, but also how each kid now signs up for a player to replicate when they step on the pitch and how they aspire to be the next big name.